Welcome to the campaign website for Binding Shadows. (gasp this thing has a name)

This is where I’ll post descriptions and background info for the people and places that come up in the game. I’ll also post copies of any pre-session exposition or role playing here.

There is an adventure log section for write ups or notes about previous sessions. If someone wants to keep a log we can post it there. If someone wants to tackle the task of writing up summaries of our previous adventures we could post that as well.

At present, the wiki should have info on all the NPCs and places we’ve come across.

I’m not exactly sure how the Characters section works, so just sign up for the site and see if you can create a character. We’ll figure it out from there. Whether or not you want your character background on here is up to you but I’d like at least the basics: name, class, level.


Binding Shadows

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