Frostwatch Districts:

The Echoes: A warehouse district, the Echoes is virtually deserted when no caravans are making deliveries. Filled with three and four story warehouses holding mainly crates of iron and containers of grain. Deliveries of iron come in from the mines to the west where it is exchanged for grain and other foodstuffs from the farms to the south as well as goods created in Frostwatch or imported from other parts of the world.

Places of Interest:

Grub n’ Cots – It might be too generous to call this an inn but at least it’s cheap.

Caravan District: Space set aside for the wagon caravans that visit Frostwatch. Iron comes in from the mines to the west, grain from the farms to the south and assorted goods from lands to the east and south. The iron mined from the Coldborn Mountains is of high quality and trade caravans are willing to travel long distances to get a hold of it.

Shifting Village: Half apartment buildings, half tent district. The shifting village is home to adventurers, wandering merchants and artisans, migrant workers, caravans too small to be given space in the Caravan District and anyone too poor for the other districts but not desperate enough for the Slums. People rarely stay in the village for long, though the occasional person has made it their permanent home. Recently, the population of the village has swelled with refugees and conditions are deteriorating rapidly.

Places of Interest:

The Ale Shack – A bar in the Shifting Village, the best place to get information about the lands beyond Rodan. The owner, Lorran, is said to know more about what’s going on in the city then anyone else.

Temple of Kord – A simple two story building with Kord’s symbol painted on the walls, it occupies most of a block. The Temple of Kord is also the barracks for Kord’s Fist, an elite group of soldiers and guards of Frostwatch who worship Kord. Commander Talon is head of Kord’s Fist as well as head of the Frostwatch Guard.

Firestone Circle: This district lies within the old outer walls of Frosthold Keep. The manors of Rodan’s wealthy and elite line the main street which circles the keep. The district gets it’s name from a rare stone mined in the Coldborn Mountains which radiates heat. Firestone is quite expensive but it can be used to heat homes and buildings. During the winter, Firestone filled lanterns are hung along the main street to provide warmth for the entire district.

Frosthold Keep: Dark and foreboding, Frosthold Keep looms over the surrounding buildings. Lord Soren rules Rodan from here. Only members of the Guard or the military are allowed in without an appointment.

Slums: The Slums are filled with the poor, the sick, the homeless, petty criminals and anyone who doesn’t want to be found. Old, dilapidated buildings line the narrow streets and the district reeks of filth and decay.

Places of Interest:

Temple of the Shrouded Queen – An old temple to the Raven Queen, rumored to have existed since before even Frosthold Keep.

Other Places of Interest:

Fireside Inn & Tavern – Located next to the Firestone Circle wall, this is the cleanest and most comfortable inn in Frosthold.

Catacombs – The tombs of Rodan’s royalty, nobility and wealthy citizens are here.


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