Old Stuff

Underneath Kalton Manor (from session 5):

As you push through the door you find yourself in a large circular room; the wall and floor are made of carved stone blocks and the roof is obscured by a dimly glowing golden haze. In the middle of the room is a stone block, three feet tall, long and wide enough for a human to lay down on. On the slab sits a young girl in a green robe, legs dangling over the edge, looking almost bored. She has light hair, looks to be no more than twelve years old, and her robe seems to be a few sizes too big. The girl looks up as you enter and gives you a big smile.

“Don’t worry, she’s not here anymore. I released her. If you destroyed her now it would mess everything up. She won’t go far though, you’ll get your chance.”

At that, the girl’s smile fades into a slight frown.

“Oh, but she’ll probably be growing stronger, now that she’s out of here. I didn’t think of that. Well, I’m sure it will be fine.”

She hops off the stone block and takes a couple steps toward you.

“Though it’s probably best not to wait too long before you go after her. You don’t want to let her get too much of her power back. Look for her shrine in the Witchlight Swamp, that’s where she’ll be.”

The girl puts her hands on her hips and gives you a stern glare.

“If you don’t do something she will flood this whole valley and drown everyone in it. And I will be very disappointed in you. Now shoo, go on, get out of here.”

As the girl finishes speaking the glow from above quickly intensifies until you are blinded by it and then suddenly fades. You find yourself back underneath the waterfall, where the door was there is now only the smooth rock wall of the chasm.

Newer Stuff

Images recorded within the Chancellor’s House (Session 19)

Touching one of the glyphs on the cube causes it to glow and a small image of the hidden room appears in front of you. Touching another glyph speeds up or slows down the playback. You skip through a few minutes of empty room until you see the secret door opening. A middle-aged man in a blue silk robe wearing a sash with the black and white colors of Frostwatch government steps into the room and closes the door behind him. He walks up to the ritual circle in the middle of the room, steps inside, and mumbles a few arcane phrases. The circle glows faintly and the image of first one and a couple seconds later a second person begins to materialize. The first is a green haired elven woman wearing a heavy black robe, numerous skulls of all different shapes and sizes hang from small hooks sown into her robe, some appear to be specimens of the common races, while others have a definite demonic look to them. A longsword is strapped to her side, she carries a staff that seems to be made of burnt wood, and part of her face is covered in burn scars. The second figure is also elven, but dark haired and handsome, immaculately groomed except for a few flecks of ash in his hair and on the very expensive looking leather armor that he wears. He is not carrying any weapons however one arm ends in a blackened, clawed hand.

The image of the dark haired elf speaks first, in a stern voice. “You are late, Chancellor.”

“My apologies master, that imbecile Talon insisted on having another useless strategy meeting.”

The elven male continues, seemingly ignoring the Chancellor’s words. “The time has come for your final attack on Frostwatch, Nora will provide you with more weapons. You are to unleash them within Frosthold Keep and direct them towards King Soren and then join Nora and Brother Terminus in the cellars. You will assist them in preparing the way for the Master in whatever way you can. Is that understood?”

“Yes, master.”

“Good. Then hurry, Brother Terminus is not a patient man and you are already behind schedule.”

As the elven man begins to turn away from the other two, the Chancellor pipes up.

“One more thing master, a pair of my guards were missing when I returned this evening, I’m sure it’s nothing but”

The elven male turns quickly back to the Chancellor and glares, raising his voice. “And you still contacted us? You fool.”

“Don’t worry, master.” The Chancellor stammers, eyes wide with fear. “This room is well hidden, no one could have”

“I do not care how secure you think your pathetic little hideaway is, I ought to kill you where you stand!” Growls the dark haired elf.

The woman takes a slight step forward and speaks for the first time. “Please, master, remain calm. Even if the operation has been compromised, my pets” She smiles and traces an arcane symbol in the air. A half dozen scrolls appear on the ground in front of the Chancellor. “will be more then enough to deal with our uninvited guests.”

The elven man visibly calms. “Of course, Nora, you are right. Give my regards to Brother Terminus.” At that, his image fades away, followed quickly by that of the woman.

The Chancellor takes a moment to compose himself then gathers the scrolls into a satchel and leaves the room.


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