Devout follower of Kord, she may look like an average staying-in-the-background cleric, but she'll smack you with her morningstar.


Roughly 22 years ago, a Deva awoke in the city of Jartor – surrounded by Dwarves and with no memory of the past century of her existence. Talk about one heck of a hangover. This Deva was named Kana. The Dwarves were mostly mistrustful of her, except for one – Ovin, a cleric of Moradin, who believed Moradin had a reason for placing a Deva in their midst, and befriended Kana. Kana was more than happy to befriend a Cleric and choose that path for this incarnation, remembering several happy lifetimes as a Cleric. However, it soon became apparent that Kana only remembered prayers to Kord. This puzzled Ovin, who had never met a Deva who did not worship a Good Deity.

Despite only knowing prayers to Kord, Kana persisted in attempting to live at peace with the Dwarves, and worshipping in the temple of Moradin. However, she soon found that the harder she tried to worship Moradin, the more things went horribly wrong. Finally, after barely surviving an orc attack that killed the rest of her travelling group on their way from Jartor to Duridar, Kana decided she was not favoured by Moradin, and her continued attempts to worship him were only serving to put her out of favour with Kord. Kana then left the country of Elduum and left her life among Dwarves behind.

She joined Human society for several years, and found some fellow worshippers of Kord, from whom she learned the qualities favoured in a servant of Kord, and began to exhibit them. Once she was satisfied she could properly worship Kord and win his favour, Kana decided it was time to attempt to discover why she could remember nothing from her most recent incarnation. She started her search for in the Deva city of Soratrond, asking if anyone remembered her. No one she met in Soratrond could give her any information, and so Kana widened her search.

The only interesting thing she found on her search was about six months ago, when she came across a Shifter in the form of a white tiger. She encouraged the Shifter to take human form, and thus became friends with Autumn Aurora. The two became travelling companions and soon met up with a party of adventurers, a group Kana decided to join because perhaps adventuring would be a more efficient way of gathering information that could lead her to knowing her history, and also because being courageous in battle would grant her more favour with Kord. And the rest is, well, history.


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