Autumn Aurora

Shifter duid attempting to find herself again after great loss


Longtooth Shifter Druid

Favorite Beast Form: White Tiger

Max HP: 63

Str 12 Con 13 Dex 14 Int 10 Wis 21 Cha 8
AC 20 Fort 16 Ref 13 Will 21


I never proofed this after writing it, so be warned.

Home Country

Flag of Northern Cordelia

Autumn was born into a nomadic tribe in the Northern Cordelia (or “the NC” as some of the locals often refer to it). A relatively small fridgid kingdom that long ago separated from its mother Kingdom, Cordelia, when a rogue prince took his leave. The kingdom itself keeps its sovereignty through excessive tribute to Cordelia whom, in turn, protects them from any possible aggressors. Overall however Cordelia is a combination of frozen mountains, even colder tundra and scattered dense woodland and no other kingdom is really worried about having it. They would however if they became aware of the rich copper and gold mines hidden within the mountains. These mines allow the NC to both pay its tribute to its protector as well as do trade with its neighbours.

The kingdom of Northern Cordelia is currently run by King Nekhii, a just ruler whom demands little of his people so long as the mines keep running.

The tribe in which Autumn was born call themselves the Cardel and consist of shifters (both razerclaw and longtooth), humans, and half orcs. The Cardels follow the seasons, coming out to the tundra for the few weeks a year the plant life is allowed to grow in order to harvest a few naturally growing grasses and berries and then retreating back to the forest to shelter themselves from the winter. Twoflower, a panther shaman, leads the Cardel speaking with the spirits in order to predict the coming seasons as well as the best place to forage and hunt. Very rarely are the Cardel’s bothered by any outsides and over the generations have become a society of their own. Because of this the Cardel’s will sooner pledge allegiance to the tribe than to the kingdom itself. However, for as long as history has been told this has not been necessary, even during Northern Cordelia’s separation.


The Cardels received Autumn during the middle of the night while they had made camp during next to the Atashi River. During that night there was northern lights, and although this is very common in the NC the intensity of which the light display occurred was said to cause the night to look like day. As with many shifters Autumn’s name came from the events of her birth, “Autumn” which was the season and “Aurora” another name for the northern lights.

The same night as Autumn’s birth Twoflower was counciling the spirits, as he did on many nights, it was through them he received the message “the child born tonight will bring prosperity to your people”, a message in which he interpreted to mean that Autumn would become his successor. Because of this Twoflower made a special interest to guide Autumn in her early years, hoping that when the time came Autumn would pick Twoflower to mentor her in the ways of the shaman. As Cardel tradition states that on the eve of a child’s fifteenth birthday the child would pick a mentor to follow and learn from for the next five years until the rite of passage.

She did not however follow in Twoflower’s footsteps as he thought she would, when she was of age she in fact turned to her older cousin Hazel Frost to become her first mentor. Hazel taught Autumn the way of a druid, a common skill set for the tribe as it greatly aided in both foraging as well as the hunt, and it wasn’t long before Autumn became Hazel’s equal in nearly every aspect. Although this disappointed Autumn’s parents whom had high hopes on Twoflower’s prophecy they respected their daughter’s decision and, like most good parents, were glad to see that their daughter was happy. Soon Autumn went on regular hunts, typically alone or with Hazel, and became well known for the consistency of which she brought back food for the tribe. She would most frequently adopt the form of a white tiger, a being in which she felt had particular power and blended in well with their surroundings.

Start of the Adventuring Career

It was during the celebration of Autumn’s passage that she announced that her and Hazel would be leaving the tribe. This announcement was met with a certain level of hostility from her parents and Twoflower, how could she possibly bring prosperity if she was not even with them? Despite the dispute a person’s requests during passage could not be denied and she was allowed to leave the following day.

Autumn and Hazel headed South East, to the city of Shari within Cornelia. It was there they met up with Denzel, a human rogue with a fancy for finer things, and Uthal, a goliath fighter hailing from the distant land of Loc-Need. The four of them began to travel together, Denzel seeking any thrill Autumn would allow with Uthal and Hazel tagging along just enjoying the ride. It was after three years that tragedy finally struck the party. While raiding a particularly nasty baron’s hide out in Tal-Ree the party overlooked a spring loaded pressure plate. Metal spears shot down from the roof mortally wounding Hazel and trapping Uthal. The noise must have alerted the guards because Denzel and Autumn didn’t have much time until they were overrun and forced to leave Uthal and the now barely breathing Hazel behind. Autumn had insisted later that they must go back and rescue Uthal but it was Denzel’s cool head that talked her out of it. RakTec, the baron in which they were stealing from, was not only well known for being able to inflict much pain but also for being impossible to escape from. There was no way that Autumn and Denzel could possibly rescue Uthal.

It was within six months of this event that Denzel and Autumn parted ways, Autumn had fallen into a major depression and despite Denzel’s best efforts he could not pull Autumn out of it. Denzel bid his farewell and Autumn retreated to the forest of Tal-Ree, spending most her time in her tiger form. It was during this time she made a small addition to her stripes in which she created two horizontal black stripes on her left arm to represent those she had failed and lost. Autumn allowed herself to be lost within her own being for the better part of a year, until someone noticed that the surprisingly resilient ‘albino’ tiger within the woods was not in fact a Tiger.

This person was Kana, a deva cleric whom had the foresight to corner Autumn and force her back into her shifter form. Kana befriended Autumn stating that it was Kord’s wish that Autumn return to the adventuring life, encouraging her if nothing else to head back towards the direction of the Cardels.

It wasn’t long before Kana and Autumn found themselves in a bar in Harken with a handful of other ragtag adventurer’s being told about a graveyard.

Party Relations

Asheria (Ash) unknown
Atia negative Situation is improving but Autumn does not appreciate how Atia conducts herself especially regarding her complete disregard for order.
Avatre neutral After a handful of battles Autumn is beginging to warm up to Avatre, however she is still a little unsure of him.
Bobao Ryles positive Since Bob is the only other person in the party with a strong level of communion with nature Autumn took an instant liking to him.
Darius neutral There is great respect for Darius’ courage and ability to stand his ground in combat. Unfortunately this friendship is rather one sided, as Darius does not like non-humans and has mentioned such frequently.
Drew neutral Although Autumn has nothing against Drew, Drew reminds her in many ways of Denzel, especially manerisms. For this reason Austumn has found it hard to get close to Drew.
Gneil Gnat positive Fighting at Gniel’s side provides much pleasure for Autumn, almost too much so as she tends to start to let our her animal fury. She finds that Gniel and her work well as a team.
Izzy negative While Autumn has great repect fo Izzy’s power she dislikes her control over others. She finds Izzy’s arrogance to be unerving.
Kana positive Autumn’s best friend. Kana saved Autumn from herself and for this Autumn is eternally greatful. The one thing Autumn does not understand is how Kana can be so devoute to Kord, or any god for that matter.
Rolvec neutral Confusion surrounds Rolvec for Autumn, one minute he’s adventuring with the team the next he’s gone again. She wonders where he goes but does not know him well enough to ask.
Therigan negative Autumn does not understand how someone could willingly subject themselves to being a slave for another (see Izzy).

Autumn Aurora

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