Darius grew up in the Shades district of Idria, a middling-sized human settlement on the border of one of the southern deserts. Idria exists primarily due to the migratory swarms of Drachnae beetles which can be crushed and refined into a powerful narcotic. There being little agriculture or other resources in the region, Idria’s primary sources of revenue are the nomadic tribes that follow the Drachnae swarms and the human “miners” that set traps for them.

His parents emigrated from the iron mines further north upon hearing tales of riches to be made mining in the deep South. Having very little in the way of savings, his parents spent everything to travel south and lost most of their belongings and Darius’ sister in a magical storm caused by the mage cadres of a battle on the other side of the continent. After discovering that the “mining” opportunities were nothing more than a name, his family ended up in Idria working as refiners, a task causes permanent red stains from the Drachnae ichor. The ground up particles also caused lung problems for many of the workers.

As a teenager, Darius made his living as part of gang that extorted miners in turn for protection from the those miners and other bandits desperate enough to vandalize, murder and kill miners in order to take over their operations. This typically involved a great deal of intimidation, heavy riding and occasionally brawling, a role for which Darius was perfectly suited. Being of miner stock, Darius is easily six feet tall, heavily muscled and has permanent dark red discolorations on his hands, forearms, neck and face due to his time spent in the refineries.

At the outbreak of the Galatean Wars, Darius was press-ganged into the infantry of the 2nd Army which saw heavy action fighting races that had traditionally been allies but had since been warped by the Mad Goddess. His unit sustained many losses and what few of his friends had survived life in Idria to be forcefully recruited along with him died in the fighting.

At the shrine of Ioun where Darius was sent to recuperate, he fell in love with one of the god’s priestesses, a young half-elf named Shiandra. Unfortunately for Darius and his love life, the monks (with his love’s rather enthusiastic approval) believe that he must cleanse the poisons of his past. They claim that these poisons are preventing him from healing properly both mentally and physically. Of special concern to the monks are Darius’ hatred for magic-users which, while perhaps understandable due to the death of his sister, they believe would destroy any possible relationship he might have with one of their order. Also of concern is his mistrust of non-human races which he sees as betrayers and unworthy of trust. Darius’ cleansing is to be his travels through the world, preparing for his life with Shiandra.


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